Cooperation Network


The PROF-XXI Network is an international free-access grouping composed of Higher Education Institutions and related companies, which aims to ensure the sustainability of the PROF-XXI project, funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

General objective

The PROF-XXI Network aims to promote sustainable long-term cooperation, creating lasting relationships among its members, contributing to the replication of the results obtained by the PROF-XXI project, promoting research and the exchange of knowledge on construction of management capacities for the Development of Teaching and Learning Centers (CEAs) for Higher Educational Institutions (IES) (particularly in Latin America and in the European Union).

Structure of organization

Advisory Committee: Formed by founders of the PROF-XXI Network.

  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (España) (sitio web)
  • Univesité Toulousse Paul Sabatier (Francia) (sitio web)
  • Universidade Aberta (Portugal) (sitio web)
  • Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) (sitio web)
  • Universidad de San Buenaventura Calí (Colombia) (sitio web)
  • Universidad de San Carlos (Guatemala) (sitio web)
  • Universidad Galileo (Guatemala) (sitio web)

Network Coordinators: Formed by the coordinators of the MOOC-Maker project.

  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (España) (sitio web)
  • Universidad Galileo (Guatemala) (sitio web)