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PROF-XXI at the Educational Innovation Day – SINNE

The University of Cauca, a partner of the PROF-XXI project, through the Educational Innovations team (SINNE), is organizing the “Educational Innovation Days 2022.” This event will take place on June 16 and 17, 2022, in the auditorium of the Faculty of Accounting, Economic, and Administrative Sciences at the University of Cauca in Popayán, Colombia.

The main objective of this event is to contribute to the open discussion of the increasingly recognized importance of implementing sustainable processes of educational innovation as a means to improve the quality of learning and excellence.

On this occasion, Dr. Oscar Jerez from the University of Chile, Dr. Carlos Alario Hoyos from the University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain), and Dr. Miguel Morales from the University of Galileo (Guatemala) will be part of the group of guest speakers at the event.

Event Schedule Thursday, June 16 (14:00 to 17:00 UTC)

  • Registration and setup
  • Poster presentation by graduates of the “Ninth Cohort of the Diploma in Educational Innovations”
  • Lecture by Dr. Carlos Alario Hoyos (University Carlos III of Madrid), Topic: “The University in the Post-Pandemic Era”
  • Lecture by Dr. Miguel Morales Chang (University of Galileo), Topic: “The Importance of Academic Integrity in Digital Education”
  • Expert panel discussion
    • Dr. Óscar Jerez (University of Chile)
    • Dr. Miguel Morales Chang (University of Galileo)
    • Dr. Carlos Alario (University Carlos III of Madrid)
    • Mag. Astrid González (University of San Buenaventura, Cali)Topics: “Present and Future of Educational Innovations,” “Digital Transformation in Higher Education Institutions”
    • Closure of the “Ninth Cohort of the Diploma in Educational Innovations for Higher Education”

Friday, June 17 (15:00 to 17:00 UTC)

  • Lecture by Dr. Óscar Jerez (University of Chile), Topic: “Learning Outcomes in Higher Education.”
  • Lecture by Dr. Mario Solarte (University of Cauca), Topic: “PROF-XXI Project: Building Capacities for the Development of Teaching and Learning Centers.”

This event is part of the PROF-XXI project, which has the primary objective of “Building Capacities for the Development of Teaching and Learning Centers (CEAs) for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs),” promoting continuous improvement and quality in teaching and learning processes from a current perspective related to Latin American contexts.

If you wish to participate in the live activities, you can access the following link: “Educational Innovation Days and Closing of the Ninth Cohort of the Diploma in Educational Innovations in Higher Education.”

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