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PROF-XXI was present at the 3rd EDUTIC Online Congress.

On Wednesday, May 11, Dr. Miguel Morales, representing the Universidad Galileo and a partner of the PROF-XXI project, participated in the 3rd International EDUTIC Online Congress.

More than 90 speakers from 230 educational institutions were part of this 3rd International EDUTIC Online Congress, which aimed to establish a meeting point for all education stakeholders, share experiences, and reflect on the challenges and possibilities that the new virtual reality has opened up.

The main topics of the conferences were: Students of the New World, Teaching and Transformation, and Regulatory Evolution. Other universities, educational institutions, and industry participants in the online event included:

  • Coursera for Campus
  • University of Alicante (Spain)
  • Kennedy University (Argentina)
  • Comfenalco Santander University Foundation (Colombia)
  • Cooperative University of Colombia
  • San Sebastián University (Chile)
  • Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Viña del Mar University (Chile)
  • Organizational Learning Center (Peru)
  • International University of Ecuador
  • MindFree – Moodle
  • Monday
  • D2L

During the event, Dr. Morales presented the PRO-XXI Project initiative and invited participants to learn more about the project and its initiatives focused on Building Capacities for the Development of Teaching and Learning Centers (CEAs) for Higher Education Institutions. He also shared information about the Teaching and Learning Center (CEA) at the University of Galileo, which promotes excellence in teaching and learning by supporting the development of teachers and students through various services and resources.

This international event took place over three consecutive days and had more than 3000 participants from 13 different countries worldwide. Its goal was to explore new tools, strategies, and possibilities in the new virtual reality.

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