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PROF-XXI Objectives

The global objective of the PROF-XXI project is the Construction of Capacities for the Development of Teaching and Learning Centers (SLCs) for Latin American Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the XXI Century, taking into account the current context of the Region, and the particular current context of the 4 Latin American HEIs that will serve as models (2 public HEIs and 2 private HEIs of different sizes in Guatemala and Colombia).

This project has its origin in the concern of Latin American HEIs to improve the quality of their teaching-learning processes, derived from a very rapid growth of tertiary education institutions in the Region. One of the most urgent measures is to guarantee that professionals and teachers in HEI are trained and have sufficient support to carry out effective educational innovation processes, both in face-to-face and virtual education, as well as in mixed or hybrid (blended) education. The lack of preparation of teachers to offer quality training is particularly serious in Guatemala and Colombia, where a large number of private educational entities have appeared with very high tuition fees, but without this being a differentiating factor in the quality of the training received by graduates.

Socios de trabajo PROF-XXI
Socios de trabajo PROF-XXI
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